Hermelinda Rodriguez Elementary

Time to come back to the Rodriguez Campus!

April 13, 2021

Dear parents,

Want some good news? In Austin, the positivity rate is significantly lower on our campuses than it is in the community at large. It’s not us saying it. The data tells us that Austin classrooms are safe, so I wanted to send you a quick invitation: We’d love to see your child back in class for the next six weeks.

We’re still following CDC guidelines. We’re still masking and practicing social distancing, and the children are handling it like champs. You should also know that every single teacher and staff member at this school and every other school in Austin ISD has had the vaccinations made available to them. And as long as this lasts, we’re going to keep following CDC guidelines.

We all know that when it comes to learning, the room beats the Zoom. Classroom instruction is better for teachers, better for students, and better, in many cases, for you, their parents. With six weeks left, the classroom is where your child can do the most good with the time left in the school year, and there is a spot in a classroom waiting for your child right now.

We saw how everyone struggled over the last year--teachers, students, and parents. The work you did to make virtual learning work over the last year was nothing short of heroic. And you did all that work to get tohis point right now, when classrooms can safely accommodate more children for more enriching experiences.

There are six weeks left in the school year. Six weeks to finish strong. Six weeks to better prepare for next year. After the last 12 months, we can’t afford to waste the next six weeks.

And besides, we miss your child.

Thank you,

Monica Mills, principal